Clayhall Residents Get A Taste of Korean Martial Art of Taekwondo

Gants Hill gets a taste of Martial Arts Hadri Style

Hadri Taekwondo Academy launched a new class in Caterham High School, Clayhall. Great Britain Taekwondo success in last year Olympic Games has generated a lot of interest in the local community. Membership has been increasing continuously Martial Arts in East London is growing fast.

Gants Hill Class Picture“One of the key elements of our mission statement is to spread Taekwondo” says Master Esrar, head instructor of Hadri Taekwondo. “What better way do this then to open a new class.  As far as we know currently there are no WTF (World Taekwondo Federation) Olympic style Taekwondo classes running in Gants Hill, Ilford area at the moment. We want to give the residents of Gants Hill and Ilford the opportunity to partake in the learning of this noble martial art”.

Instructors Usman and Ehsan Ali have a wealth of knowledge between them and both are keen to teach martial arts and pass on the skills they’ve worked hard to acquire.

There are numerous benefits to acquiring martial arts skills:

  • Self-defence
  • Extra-curricular activity that encourages and develops discipline
  • Excellent for health and fitness
  • Entrains cross-sport skill base
  • Gives a sense of belonging
  • Improves hand-eye co-ordination
  • Provides pivotal talking point at job interviews
  • Sky-rockets self-confidence
  • Aids other sports development such as football (footwork)
Gants Hill Students Stretching

Five years ago a similar opportunity was presented to us, said instructors Usman and Ehsan, we let our hearts rule our minds and took the plunge. Here we are now, with a lot of hard work, we admit and expert guidance from Master Esrar, ready to pass on our knowledge and skills to the people of Gants Hill and Redbridge. It is now our turn to give...we are ready, are you? Gants Hill and Ilford here we come!

If you needed further reasons for training with us then maybe some of these will convince you:

  • First lesson free (new students) – so you check out what we do without commitment or risk.
  • Proven ability to get results
  • Substantial teaching experience
  • Track record of competition success – multiple gold medal winner (most notably British Taekwondo Championship gold medal win October 2012)
  • Be part of a large organization
  • Internal competitions – where you can test the waters before facing the talent of the rest of Britain

We look forward to seeing you all Hadri Taekwondo Gants Hill


Full class details below:

Day/Time: Thursday 7.00pm – 9.00pm (arrive 15 mins early for registration)

Age Group: 7+ years old

Cost: £5 per lesson (£6.50 for non-members if you have not applied for membership in your first month of training)

Class Instructor: Usman Ali 

Venue: Caterham High School, Caterham Avenue, Clayhall, Ilford, IG5 0QW (Parking available in school car park) – Gym

Contact Details: Ehsan Ali on 07737 072 155