Master Esrar Ahmed

Name: Master Esrar Ahmed

Role: Head Instructor at Hadri Taekwondo Academy

Grade: 6th DAN Black Belt

About: Master Esrar, as the head instructor of the Academy, oversees the running and development of all our clubs and Instructors. Master Esrar has been undergoing Taekwondo training for more than 32 years and continues to maintain and improve his skill level even today. He has over 27 years of Taekwondo teaching and learning experience with career highlights being and not restricted to competition success in local and national poomsae and sparring competitions as well getting a number of our students into team GB. He has an immense love for Taekwondo and a passion for sharing, spreading and developing Taekwondo in the UK. This is in line with Kukkiwon (Korea) the world governing body and caretakers of authentic Taekwondo.

Master Esrar currently teaches in Walthamstow and Bethnal Green. His classes are fun, energetic and challenging. His belief – students learn more and quicker when having fun and challenges drive students to strive for more. So with all 3 components in place, every student is ideally placed to realize their developmental goals at the pace they want to.

He is Kukkiwon qualified Instructor, having successfully taken the 3rd and 2nd class instructors courses, he has expert knowledge of the skills needed to become a confident and accomplished Taekwondo practitioner. His knowledge and expertise provides unrivalled support structure for any ‘wannabe’ student or instructor.