Here’s what our students, parents and members say about the classes at Hadri Taekwondo Academy.

Despite only having attended a few lessons so far I am so pleased with the Taekwondo classes! My friend and I were complete beginners and we were quite nervous, so we really appreciate having received such a warm welcome. The teaching style made it really easy for us to not only follow and learn some basic movements already,but also to understand the meaning behind what we are doing which was really interesting. I especially enjoy the emphasis of teamwork and encouraging each other in the lesson as it helps me break out of my shell and try new things with attack and energy,without embarrassment or fear anymore. The belief you have in us and your constant encouragement to keep pushing ourselves is truly motivating and makes me want to try push myself to achieve my potential. I can not wait to see what the rest of my Taekwondo journey will be like.
Thank you!


Highly intensive sessions that punch a purpose. Invaluable experiences and techniques that are passed down from Dan graded Masters/Instructors to all others belts. All sessions are structure and very focused. Going to a new martial arts class can be very daunting however, Team Hadri makes the transition comfortable and the experience very enjoyable. With inspiring masters/ instructors expressing the art encourages me to be the best I can, in this sport


Alfie has attended Hadri Taekwondo do for 5 years now and the changes in him have been amazing. His confidence within who he is has grown no end and I think the team ethic of Hadri Taekwondo and the guidance and support of Master Esrar and Sir Jeremy has been commendable. I also think the understanding of what hard work and dedication can achieve is so positive. Not to mention it’s fun!

Neil & Alfie

Asia has been going to Taekwondo for a couple of years now and loves the class. She especially loves Poomsae and being able to compete at competitions. It is a favorite activity in our house, so much so her younger brother has also started going.

Nicole & Asia

I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to the Hadri coaches who inspire us everyday to be the best! The high expectations they set always motivates me to continue working hard. The classes are fun and an insane workout for sure!!!