Welcome to our Edmonton Venue, North London. We are a stone throw away from North Middlesex Hospital at Wilbury School. We are currently running a children’s class and an adult’s class at this venue. Our students are all of similar grades, and drilled in the essentials of team work, ensuring that all newcomers are made to feel welcome and supported as they take their first steps on their taekwondo journey.

In addition to the fun and challenges found in all academy classes, here we actively encourage stepping up – stepping up to face your fears, stepping up to take on challenges, stepping up to make things happen, stepping to help your colleague. Here children and adults alike very quickly lose their shyness, give up their low self esteem and become confident challenge driven confident individual. So whether you already are oozing confidence or you are guilty of giving in to your shyness, Edmonton Hadri TKD can and will take care of you.