Hi Everyone, our classes are open and exams are not too far away. Here’s schedule for exams.

Preparations will begin in September and we will be fully focused on exam techniques. A quick schedule for you below.

Dates for you diary:

  • Students selection for Mock Exams begins – Late October
  • Mock Exams – End of Oct to early Nov (may differ for some classes)
  • Final Exam Forms returned by – 13th Nov 2021
  • Exam Day – 20th Nov 2021 

Click here for Progress Charts/Syllabus for Yellow Stripe – Black Stripe

Click here for a Poomase (Patterns)Videos for all grade levels

Please be aware the timing may change slightly nearer the Grading day. Students for the first Slot must arrive by 9:30. For 2nd slot ensure you are an hour early to warm up and prepare.

Grading Date: 20th Nov 2021 

Venue: Mulberry Academy Shoreditch, Gosset Street, Bethnal Green, London, E2 6NW

Schedule Updated: 15/11/21 (details below will be updated closer to the grading)

Grading Schedule – (Sitting exam for Yellow Stripe & Yellow Belts)

Arrival Time: 9:30am (please wait outside the school if you are early and do not block the entrance)

Warm-up: 9:45am – 10:15am

Start Approx: 10:30am Finish Approx: 1:00pm

Grading Schedule – (Sitting exam for Green Strip to Black Stripe)

Arrival Time: 12:30

Warm-up: arrive early to warmup and stretch before your examination begins. Exams may start earlier

Start Approx: 1:15pm   Finish Approx: 4:00pm