Ehsan Ali

Name: Sir Ehsan Ali

Role: Instructor at Hadri Taekwondo Leytonstone

Grade: 3rd Dan Black Belt

About: Sir Ehsan’s passion for taekwondo was ignited when called upon to help out in a Taekwondo sparring tournament whereupon he signed up for training worked hard towards getting himself prepared for participating in the kind of competition he had just help run. On route to his black belt qualification, he participated in a number of local and national competitions successfully.

Just as he had given support in the sparring tournament, in the Dojang whilst still a yellow belt, he assisted with the training. It wasn’t surprise then, when shortly after black belt qualification, he founded Hadri Taekwondo Clayhall with his brother and father. Together they grew the club from 2 strong to now over 30 regular students today.

Consolidating his earlier teaching experience and the successful joint venture, when the opportunity came to run his own class, he had a running start. Taekwondo Hadri Leytonstone has gone from strength to strength with students steadily rising in rank and a growing collection of gold medals from inter-club sparring competitions.

Sir Ehsan is a hard task master, but he does get the results. Those wanting to break through personal limitations and fears will do well to take classes with Sir Ehsan. His no nonsense approach, is very much loved and appreciated by his students and is sure to having you performing at your very best.