Saba Akbar

Name: Miss Saba Akbar

Role: Instructor at Hadri Taekwondo Mile End

Grade: 3rd Dan Black Belt

Miss Saba embarked on her Taekwondo journey at the tender age of 12, training for just over 11 years. During that time she took on testing training regime, intense sparring competitions and stomach churning pre-exam nerves. Having negotiated all of the obstacles, she has now turned her attention to teaching. Just as she had faced challenges as a student, she is now taking on challenges as an instructor – each student different and with a unique set of needs.

She was awarded her Black Belt rank towards the end of 2012, whereupon, shortly after, she took on a female only class at Leytonstone with a fellow student and instructor. She learned on the job as class numbers grew, then an opportunity arose to open a second female class in Mile End which she accepted with open arms. She says “teaching was always a pleasure for me as helping people advance in knowledge, especially in something have a huge passion in was hugely satisfying.

As a student, she recalls her training sessions bursting with fun activities coupled with challenges, now she always endeavours to replicate those key ingredients in her session plans. 

Miss Saba was a sincere and dedicated student, and now as instructor, she is no less dedicated or any less sincere. Success and achievement is her motivation and if that is what you are looking for, you absolutely must experience her teaching.

  • CFES Weight Training Instructor Certification
  • Emergency or Standard First Aid Certifications
  • Personal Trainer Classroom Course